Bamf isn't the biggest Moga around, but with its speed, stealth and claws Bamf has no trouble bringing down his prey.

Zodiac: Scorpio
Class: Striker
Attack: 4.5
Defense: 2.5
Rarity: Epic
Location: Scorpio Rare Collection


Physical Attack: Headbutt
Upgraded Physical Attack: Headslam

Zodiac Attack: Sneak Attack
Upgraded Zodiac Attack: 

Special Ability: Time Warp

Other Ability:


Anonymous said...

I love this one!
I finally got this today! <3<3

crax said...

realease the upgraded z attack of bamf because bamf skill is not enough

crax said...

realease the upgraded attack of bamf

Anonymous said...

Upgraded Z-Attack: Stealth Bomb

Other Ability: Life Tap

Anonymous said...

this moga is awesome! i want it so bad! i always get beat up by bamf online

Marceline said...

First Anoymous is right,I'm as same as him/her

Anonymous said...

Bamf means bad @$$ mother f***er....

Anonymous said...

I have a level 24 bamf and it is awesome... The life tap from the zodiac attack helps me. a lot....

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