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Cloveys embody the saying that "you make your own luck"--this four-leafed gold-pot-wearing Moga does just that!

Zodiac: Pisces
Rarity: Beginner
Location: Mega Hole



Dazzle- A magical attack that varies depending on how the Mogas' zodiac signs compare.

Zodiac Weakness- Lower the strength of your enemy's Zodiac attack.


Anonymous said...

is clovey in 2012

Anonymous said...

I think it is but then i dont know...

Anonymous said...

I dont know but i been looking for a LONG time for it.

Anonymous said...

how come Clovey is just beginner, but I found like 10 tenpac's but not one Clovey? >.<

Anonymous said...

clovey was a St. Patrick's Day moga a year ago :/

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