Continue heading south on the path to Lombard's Rafting Inc.
From there you can take a Cat Taxi to Pueblonia and continue on to Cortex!

If you run into trouble, your friends can send you whistles for Bonus Attacks!

Needed to Complete Quest: Go to Cortex

Upon Quest Completion: You've arrived at Cortex!

Reward: 5x Blue Coffee, 5x Star Seed


Anonymous said...

Where do you find the cat

Mike said...

Once you get to Lombard's Rafting Inc, you can click on the globe looking icon in the top of your screen. That's the Cat Taxi.

Anonymous said...

where is cortex

Mike said...

Click on the yellow link above that says cortex

Anonymous said...

okay so im in peublonia and i cant find cortex at all and ive made it all the way to surf city...?do i go to the very last thing please help

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