Everything about the legendary Gryph is majestic, including its leavings, which often contain trace specks of precious stones.

Sign: Leo
Rarity: Uncommon
Location: Ask The Developers For It Here


Physical Attack: Kick
Upgraded Physical Attack: Roundhouse

Screaming Streak- A magical attack that varies depending on how the Mogas' zodiac signs compare.

Time Warp


José Armando said...

i don´t know here i get my gryph, it just apeared in my home...

Anonymous said...

I got mine through an email. The developers sent emails to all people who were already playing the game on a certain date (I believe sometime last year, I haven't played in a while.)
So in that sense, Gryph is kinda like an event Moga

Anonymous said...

You can find it in Green Mile

Anonymous said...

where to find gryph??? my cousin just got it automatically!!!

Anonymous said...

gryph appears in green mile lvl 31.. appears now.. a battle into momo vs gryph... :D!!!!

Anonymous said...

gryph could also be seen at green mile at a level of 31.

Anonymous said...

Just ask the developers, I asked them yesterday and I got one :D

Anonymous said...

but how

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