Incriminating Photos

Get the compromising photos of Sheepguy from the Woolfs. They live near the cave, back by the forest.

The Woolf is a very dangerous Moga. Ask your friends for whistles, and we'll stand a much better chance.

Needed to Complete Quest: Defeat Woolf to obtain Compromising Photos.

Upon Quest Completion: Sheepguy is overjoyed that you recovered his photos.

Reward: 1x Star Seed


Anonymous said...

i defeated alot of woolfs in the cave but still no photo

Anonymous said...

I have also defeated many of them and still nothing! for like a whole week.

Archeon said...

I can't find anything at all =.=

Anonymous said...

You should kill Woolf in Lightsfall.

Anonymous said...

I still cant get it.
woolf is only in Daydusk and Lightless Bend Map, right?
how can that moga in lightsfall?

I see in:

Anonymous said...

Whaa still cnt find it :( :(

Anonymous said...

go to lights fall ive been trying to complete this quest for weeks and i decided to go there and i finally got it

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