Although Leons are regarded as kings of the jungle, most are dedicated to embracing democratic reforms.

Zodiac: Leo
Class: Tank
Attack: 3
Defense: 5
Rarity: Legendary
Location: Mussel Shoals, Green Mile, Adventure Island, Lapis Forest


Physical Attack: Bodyslam
Upgraded Physical Attack: Piledriver

Upgraded Z-Attack: Call of the Lion

Special Attack: Regrowth

Random Ability: Poison


dustanstrom said...

I ran into him at Citadel Entrance but every time i went to capture him it wouldn't let me push the check mark to capture

Mike said...

It could be because:

1. He wasn't low on health or

2. The Moga you were using to catch Leon was 3 or more levels below the level of the Leon.

dustanstrom said...

no he was a 3 and i tried to capture him and the game froze every time and i had to refresh the page or it wouldn't do anything

Anonymous said...

okay this is freaky... i captured a Leon but the next day i played the game he wasnt there... i used more than 6 star seeds and i had none now...

Leongirl567 said...

I'v always wanted to catch leon. its the moga of my dreams :) i wish i catch him one day

Anonymous said...

am i the only one that sees that this looks like it could be an evolved tigon? they really should make it so, the similarities are almost exact. i know that it would be a sign jump, but maybe they shouldve just made tigon a leo sign or atleast make tigon the equivalent of leon to gemini

Anonymous said...

My favorite moga <3 and the only legendary one I have... I caught it on the second try. It was really strange. Worth it, though.

Anonymous said...

I have a leon I caught it 5 ss

Anonymous said...

it look like titus evolution

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