Lost Treasure

Look between Rogues Rendezvous and Sandtown for a treasure chest.

We could be searching for awhile for this thing. Getting whistles from friends will help us last longer.

Needed to Complete Quest: Defeat Mogas between Rogues Rendezvous and Sandtown until you find the Treasure Chest.

Upon Quest Completion: Yay, treasure! And it looks like it has plenty of goodies for Moga taming!

Reward: 2x Star Seed


Anonymous said...

why is so hard to get that lost tressure???

Anonymous said...

because it is lost duhhh!!!!!

Anonymous said...

because it is lost

Anonymous said...

i got the lost treasure!

Anonymous said...

Why the treasure not with me when we got it? what's inside it? u know how i get it? it was very tuff to get it...................... bt it is nothing in it..

so do not try to get that treasue..try to finish other quests..

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