Although Mekas may appear slow and rigid, they can be quite athletic when it comes to protecting territory and defending their tamers.

Zodiac: Virgo
Rarity: Uncommon
Location: Starter Moga



Spinning Blade



Sc said...

Where can i find it

Sc said...

Whr can i find meka

rty said...

Meka can evolve now! But there are no place to find it.

Aeros said...

you can only get it upon choosing it as a starter moga

Marceline said...


Anonymous said...

You can catch now!

Gostking said...

were can i

Quinn Shumaker said...

I've found a video showing that Meka can be found wild now. I think the background is from Swirly Hole or whatever the beach hole area's name is. I haven't been to it yet myself so I can't confirm, but someone else here can check it out if they want!

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