The multi-armed Paul can attack you from just about every direction at once, making it extremely difficult to fend off.

Zodiac: Pisces
Class: Striker
Attack: 3.5
Defense: 1.5
Rarity: Rare
Location: Quest: "Southshire Bridge"


Physical Attack: Bodyslam
Upgraded Physical Attack: Piledriver

Z-Attack: Octo-bomb
Upgraded Z-Attack: ESP

Special Ability: Precision

Other Ability: Blind
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Anonymous said...

what would be a good moga against Paul

onlinegamesuser said...

ESP is missing (Octo-Bomb upgraded)

Anonymous said...

I recommend him to play the game and level up to level 50. He is a very strong moga and he has one of the best abilities entire the game (precision: smacks the opponent with a critical hit) i have him lvl 30

Anonymous said...

u can find him at southshire bridge when ur not on a quest

Marceline said...

He's weak now Sno,Ikki&Weero is the strongest level 18,Paul is still level 15

Anonymous said...

whr can i find Paul??? can i find paul at southshire bridge after i do my quest of catupering paul???

Anonymous said...

My Paul once did 411 damage in one attack using ESP

Anonymous said...

shame it's evo doesn't keeps precision or a similar, since it would make it one of the best mogas, at least, in terms of fan like since it would look cool and also be a gr8 fighter

Anonymous said...

Paul can still be found at Southshire Bridge!after the quest!

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