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The Rainburn causes fires with its energetic tail wherever it goes, staining its body black with ash and hiding its colorful plumage.

Zodiac: Aries
Rarity: Epic
Location: Everywhere (During Quest: "Catch a Rainburn"), Skylar's Chest



Fire Dive- A magical attack that varies depending on how the Mogas' zodiac signs compare.

Online Game, Computer Game, Online Game Rental 


kyranparker1995 said...

iv got the quest but i cant find it please help

Mike said...

I'm not sure if Rainburn is still able to be caught even if u have the quest. Not 100% sure though.

PEDRO said...

the second skill evolves int flying inferno, i've rainburn level 24

Anonymous said...

i have the quest too but can't find Rainburn i think he's around in st. Patricks day like that clovey but i can still find Clovey but not Rainburn >_<.
plz answer and help me out here

Anonymous said...

I got a Rainburn from a chest in your game at the beginning of the game... that won't work will it xD I got to catch another one right? xD

Anonymous said...

i dont have the quest what should I have to do to get the rainburn quest

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