Sunshire Locations

Bushfall Sandswirl Shrubwalk
Cydonia Castle Shadowmire Bulwark
Darkwood Shadowmire Edge
Darkwood Vault Shellstone Beachfront
East Summer Road Shellstone Lighthouse
Gates of Windhym Southshire Bridge
Gertrudes House Spiral Cave
Heavenly Greens Cemetery*** Spiral Path
Heavenly Greens Gate Spiral Road
Heavenly Greens Steps Summer Field
Home Swirly Dock
Lombards Rafting Inc Swirly Pier
MadBeetch Rapids The Rue Morgue
MadBeetch River Thornwood
Mangrove Shallows Trollworthy Bridge
Mega Hole Warmwood Trail
Miasma Depths West Summer Road
Mourningwood Pass Windhym Flower Path
Northside Windhym Flowerpit
Oakford Shade Windhym Gardens
Sandswirl Beach Windhym Roadway
Sandswirl Peninsula Windhym Southshire
Sandswirl Point Windhym Town Square


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