Tituses are feisty little devils, overflowing with enough white-hot energy to melt the hand that touches them.

Zodiac: Leo
Rarity: Common
Location: Rogues Rendevzous, Sandsink, Rude Dunes, Sandtown, Lobster Tornado


Physical Attack: Punch
Upgraded Physical Attack: Uppercut 




Anonymous said...

Jostle Not Justle

Anonymous said...

Jostle Not Justle

raghuveer raghu said...

hey for monster galaxy devoloper please increase its special ability i have 27th level titus bt it still have blind4 so please change
n m monster galaxy fan sooo much fan of monster galaxy n so all u tamer or anonymous please send request in ma id please n ma id is raghuveerhamayini@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Leon looks a bit like titus but bigger,better and a evolution although titus doesnt evolve.

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