War Lepus

The War Lepus rally their brethren to fight--usually to defend their burrows, but when the moon is right, they go on the offensive.

Zodiac: Libra
Rarity: Epic
Location: Currently Cannot Be Caught (Everywhere During Quest: "Catch a War Lepus" in 2010)


Headslam- A very accurate attack with moderate damage and good likelihood for a critical hit.

Doom Nibble- A magical attack that varies depending on how the Mogas' zodiac signs compare.

Vampire Embrace- 


Anonymous said...

Skill Mortal Thumps can make confuse the enemy mogan

Anonymous said...

Got it with 2 Balls. #LikeABoss

Kimi Bautista said...

when does it come back again?

Anonymous said...

when does it come back?

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