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These wandering souls prefer to dwell in shadow, avoiding others as much as possible.

Sign: Aquarius
Rarity: Uncommon
Location: Cydonia Castle, Thornwood




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Anonymous said...

also a starter Moga

Marceline said...

Yeah,i have many starter mogas

Marceline said...

Headbutt to Headslam

Anonymous said...

his upgrade Z-attack is Aquarius Bite and random ability is cripple

Flavio Lomeu said...

attack 3
defense 1

Anonymous said...

i catch yugure whit 1 starseed!!!

Yashwanth said...

But Yugure is somewhat hard to find.......... please do not lose patience ......... search for it and u will get one. i caught yugure with 1 ss..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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