How to Capture Black Gold

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 1. You must first complete the entire Black Gold Quest Series. The Quest Series starts with the Quest Capture Lambo (You should get this quest when you first start playing Monster Galaxy).

2. After you have completed the entire Black Gold Quest Series (75 Total Quests) you then go to Lobster Tornado to find Black Gold.

3. Once Black Gold appears you should attack it with the highest level Moga on your team. Attack Black Gold until its health is low and then try to capture it.

Congratulations you have caught Black Gold!!!
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Anonymous said...

I always run out of Star seeds :(

Jillinne said...

me too how i wish there are like some coins we earn from battles and we can buy starseeds with it but since there isnt, i go and buy cherry credits, a kind of card that has lots of games to select from but it is to top up creds for those games. you cant find the monster galaxy game in there though, but u can purchase facebook creds with it and then u can use facebook creds to redeem moga cash.

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