Monster Galaxy New Battle System

From the Developers:

Hi Moga Tamers! A Battle System and Game Balance is now live! This changes all the Mogas battle stats.

EDIT: When this change was pushed, some of your Mogas might have gained Maximum health, without an increase in minimum health. We are actively working to adress this and your mogas shouldbe updated shortly.

We're calling this "Moga Battles 2.0", as we have made a number of changes to make battles much more dynamic and fun, including upgraded Moga stats, improved attacks and animations, and a much larger variety of Mogas. We'll be constantly tweaking and refining the game, fixing bugs, and adding new features... this is just one more step towards making Monster Galaxy the best game it can be!

Read below for more of the explanation behind these exciting changes:

When we first launched Monster Galaxy back in December, we put in a pretty basic set of stats for each of the Mogas to determine how well they fare in battles. We considered this to be a "prototype" version - it basically worked, but we knew there was room for improvement.

Now that Monster Galaxy has been played by millions of people and we've gotten so much great feedback from all our beta testers, we're ready to move forward to Version 2 of the Moga battle system.

Here are some of the problems we've identified that we're trying like to address:
* Mogas that are more difficult the capture (i.e. more rare) should be a bit better than more common Mogas
* There wasn't enough variety/diversity between different Mogas (e.g. two Mogas at the same level have similar HP)
* Attack stats (physical damage, zodiac damage, accuracy, etc...) weren't governed by a consistent set of rules that made it clear which Moga will be better in different situations... as a result, players didn't have enough opportunity to make an informed choice about how to approach battles.

Here are the two most major changes we're making:
* We're introducing the concept of "Classes"! Mogas will be one of three classes: Striker (i.e. Attacker), Balanced, or Tank (i.e. Defender). As you'd expect, Strikers do more damage but have less HP, while Tanks have more HP but do less damage.
* Mogas that are more rare will be a bit more powerful (do more damage and have more HP.) So, if you are able to capture an Epic or Legendary moga, it will have more HP and do more damage than a common Moga. The difference is not overpowering, but may be just enough to make all the difference in a tough battle.
* The attack animations have been upgraded, so now all the battles are much more exciting and interesting. As your Moga gets more powerful and higher in level, you will continue to gain better and better attacks which both look cooler and do more damage!

There are also many other minor changes to make the game more balanced and make battles "make more sense". Some highlights among these changes:
* Bonus Attacks will no longer depend on the attack power of your current Moga, but will instead be depend solely on the level of your current Moga. This helps level the playing field, so that it is always the right choice to use a whistle and call in friends for help!
* The HP of all Mogas has been significantly increased... in fact, all the numbers will simply be larger! This lets the developers create more variety between the Mogas.
* Physical Attacks will do more damage than they used to.
* And more!

Please let us know if you have any other feedback on the Moga battle stats and how we can improve. While we're really excited about this new set of changes and confident it will improve battles, we're always looking to make the game more fun! Let's work together to build the best game on Facebook.


May 4th UPDATE from Developers: These changes are now LIVE!!

We've been reading the feedback, and want to assure everyone that we took all your responses into account in setting the current values. As always, we have more features in development which will continue to improve the battle system, including ways to upgrade specific Mogas to make any Moga you choose become more powerful, so don't worry - there's no wrong way to play. We hope you enjoy the Battle 2.0 changes and continue to enjoy Monster Galaxy!


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