News from Developers - Testing new Moga capturing features (Master Seed)

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We're testing some new features right now in regards to using starseeds and capturing Mogas. These features are currently only available for half the players. The changes are as follows:

(1) We have added the "Master Seed" feature, a way you can guarantee a 100% capture rate. You can purchase the Master Seed by paying with Star Coins. (FB Credits)
(2) New Game Balance: You are only able to capture Mogas using Starseeds if they are the same level as your moga (or below). This rule is only for Starseeds, not the Master Seed.

A brief FAQ:

Q: What is the Master Seed?

A: Master Seed is a new feature we introduced in response to a common concern we were hearing -- Sometimes players who wanted to capture a Moga would purchase Starseeds from the Skyshop, but then they would end up using all their Starseeds without capturing the Moga... such bad luck!Because Monster Galaxy's continued development is supported by the purchase of Star Coins, we wanted to address this concern and introduce a new way to capture Mogas using Star Coins.

The price depends on the rarity of the Moga... so if you think you are going to get lucky, you can throw Starseeds and hope for good luck. If you want to guarantee 100% success, you can pay Star Coins, and the price depends on the Rarity. The price is equivalent to the average number of seeds you need to use to capture a Moga of that rarity, so more than anything else, this option provides convenience for players who purchase Star Coins.

Q: How do I capture a Moga that is higher level than my Mogas?

A: Here is an example. Let's say you want to use your Starseeds to capture a Moga that is level 16, but your top level Moga is currently level 15. You will need to gain enough experience (from battles) to get to level 16, and then you will be able to capture the level 16 Moga.

Q: Why did you make this change?

A: We made this change in response to a loophole where users could "power level", constantly capturing mogas up to 2 levels above theirs instead of battling to gain experience and level up. This imbalanced the game and circumvented the need to gain experience through battling, as well as went against the whole idea that players get to choose which Moga they want to invest their time into, and focus on battling to train that moga and raise its level. It got pretty bad - many users didn't even realize that you were supposed to battle to gain experience, and were only playing the game through power leveling. It was an unfortunate situation that was harming our ability to continue developing the game, as battles and experience points weren't important enough.

Our goal is to make the best game possible and deliver a fun experience. We are testing these new features for half of our users to measure how well they work. It's always tough to make changes to the game balance and game logic, but when loopholes like "power leveling" are discovered and being exploited, they have to be addressed.

We have many more bug fixes, new features, game balance changes, and updates coming soon.

As always, we love our community, and listen to everything you say. We hope you enjoy Monster Galaxy. Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for playing!


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