In Monster Galaxy What Is The Best, Fastest or Quickest Way To Level Up Mogas?

How To Level Up Fast in Monster Galaxy!

It used to be much easier to level up your Mogas in the original battle system, but now you cannot capture Mogas that are a few levels above your own Moga's level in the new battle system 2.0. Currently the best and only way to level up your Mogas is by continually defeating other wild Mogas. Here are some tips to help you level up faster.

Tip #1: When trying to level up your Moga, make sure that you battle other Mogas with signs that your Moga is strong against (3x Super Effective is best). Check out this chart to help you choose which Mogas to battle.

Tip #2: Try fighting Mogas that you can defeat most quickly. The faster you defeat Mogas, the less health you lose, the faster you get experience and the less abilities you use up. This means less time resting and more time getting experience.

Tip #3: Collect enough attack whistles so you can use one every turn. This will allow you to do more damage, save your abilities and lessen the total damage you take during the battle. Again, this means less time resting and more time getting experience.

Tip #4: This may seem obvious to most, but Capturing Mogas Does Not Give You Experience. If you want to level up your Mogas, you should defeat other Mogas rather than try to capture them.

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