Save a Kittenstar and put it in your pocket, save it for the rainy day.

Sign: Leo
Class: Striker
Attack: 3.5
Defense: 1.5
Rarity: Rare
Location: You can buy a level 10 Kittenstar for 50 Moga Cash.

*Promotion from May 24th- May 30th  2011

*When you buy a Kittenstar you get to give one Level 3 Edgar to a friend


Physical Attack: Punch
Upgraded Physical Attack: Uppercut

Z-Attack: Shooting Star
Upgraded Z-Attack:

Special Attack: Healing Shield

Random Ability: 


Chuahj said...


Archeon said...

you'd got to be kidding me aren't you?

Kittenstar_girl said...

Where do i find it in the wild ???
Please tell me cos i really want to have one kitten star in my moga collection...

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