Moga Cash

You can buy Moga Cash for real money to buy in-game items. Moga Cash has replaced Star Coins as the Monster Galaxy currency.

Currently this is the only way to obtain Moga Cash.

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Use Gaia Cash To Get Moga Cash - By Raiten Ka (Gaia Online Monster Galaxy Forum)
Want to get Premium Mogas and items, but don't have enough Moga Cash and you don't want to use your money to buy Moga Cash? Well, have no fear. There's another way to obtain Moga Cash without using your money.

Before I can explain how to obtain, I have to inform you that you can only obtain them through GaiaOnline. In the past, Facebook had another system to help people obtain Moga Cash without paying. However, they had removed the option to give us free credits. I will admit that you will see ads about free Facebook Credits, but they are mostly spams. So if you see one, be very cautious. Now then, onto obtaining the free Moga Cash.

The way to obtain Moga Cash is to convert a different currency called Gaia Cash. I will explain how to convert Gaia Cash into Moga Cash later. But how to obtain Gaia Cash? Well, here's how I will explain. There are three ways to obtain Gaia Cash, starting from the easy to the hard part.

The first one is called Gaia Cash Tree like this picture below:

You can find this little tree at the top of your header at GaiaOnline everyday. All you have to do is click on the little tree and watch the video until you've received a message stating that you've obtain your Gaia Cash. You can only obtain your Gaia Cash up to ten times. That's 10 Gaia Cash per day.

The second is the Gaia Cash System. The Gaia Cash System is a page that gives you options of how to obtain Gaia Cash. However, we're learning how to obtain free Gaia Cash, so follow these steps.

First, click the button "Refill" at the top right corner of your Gaia account like the picture below:

You will be sent to another page where it gives you options of how to obtain your Gaia Cash. Click "Earn Gaia Cash" on the right side of the page. You will later be sent to another page where it will give you lots of offers. Although the offers will give you lots of Gaia Cash, you need to be EXTREMELY careful.

There are some offers that will ask you for your information such as your mailing address or your credit card information. There are others that will ask you to purchase or register their websites if you want to obtain Gaia Cash. But most extremely important to be careful are the downloadable offers. There are some downloadable offers that have virus and spyware bots. In addition, there are some offers that don't give you Gaia Cash, even when completing it. There are some that will take time before you obtain your Gaia Cash. So if you've asked my opinion, I say the best choice of offers will be the videos. Even though the videos have small credits, they are the safest and easiest to obtain among the offers. So if you're doing this second option, be very careful of what you're clicking.

The third and last option to obtain is the ads. No matter where you're surfing in GaiaOnline, you will see ads everywhere. However, there are some ads that give you Gaia Cash. Like the second option, you need to be very careful about these ads. You will never know if you have to give your information, buy an item, or download a software (along with virus) in order to obtain Gaia Cash. However, there are some ads that have Gaia Cash videos. Those video ads are safe to be click. Unfortunately, they are very hard to be found since ads pop up randomly throughout GaiaOnline. It's not easy to find them since we tend to overlook or don't bother looking at them when we're surfing through GaiaOnline.

Now that you've known how to obtain Gaia Cash, it's time to teach you how to convert them.

How to convert Gaia Cash into Moga Cash

In order to convert, you need to log into GaiaOnline.

1) When logging in GaiaOnline, play Monster Galaxy.
>>>>>> A) On the header, hover your mouse to Game and click "Play Monster Galaxy."
>>>>>> B) Go to Monster Galaxy forum. At the top of the forum, click the button "Play Monster Galaxy."
2) A pop up window will appear. That is your Monster Galaxy window page. Be sure that your Facebook is logged on or else you will need to put in your Facebook screenname and password.
3) Once you're logged into Monster Galaxy, click "Add" next to your Moga Cash.
4) A small window in the game will pop up, giving you a list of Moga Cash. This is where you can convert your Gaia Cash into Moga Cash. Click the button that says "Convert" and you will have your Moga Cash.

And there you have it. Now you know how to convert Gaia Cash into Moga Cash. However, be sure you have 160 Gaia Cash or more, since 160 Gaia Cash is the lowest amount to convert into 20 Moga Cash. It may take forever to obtain the Gaia Cash, but don't worry. GaiaOnline brings lots of new offers in for you to obtain your free Gaia Cash. So if you want to get them, save your Gaia Cash to convert into Moga Cash. And if you want to get it quicker but want to stay on the safe side, just do like I did. Have mule accounts to back you up. That's how I've obtained free Gaia Cash quicker.

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anni said...

i got blackfang but it is not showing . cut the bull shit
and i have evelove potion but i cant evelop monters

quibsy said...

i have an awesome team of highly rare monsters - how did i get it? surveys, surveys. surveys!

no bullship, in 2 days ive spent about 5000 gaia cash or whatever its called and only spent 1 buck

Anonymous said...

Wrong, that's not the only way to get Moga Cash. You can find it randomly now. I've found t least 20 while battling Moga at Ahab's Abyss.

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