Mother's Day Event Questline


Skylar: Hey, jerkface! I mean, uh, can you help me out with something?

Skylar: I know we've had our differences, but this is important! It's past Mother's Day and I need to get an emergency present for my momsie. I'd do it myself, but I'm shopping for bathing suits with her all day.

You: Why should I help you?

Skylar: Didn't Nova tell you to help those in need, you goodie-two-shoes suck-up?

You: Forget it. You're the worst.

Skylar: Wait! Fine! I'll help you find a rad Moga that you're too wimpy to tame yourself, wimp! HROHROHROHROHR--*cough*

Skylar: *cough*--ack, I got some of Weatar's hair in my lungs. Could you get Victoria to pick some wildflowers at Windhym Flowerpit? Momsie loves pretty things! Do it!

***You will then get the quest Get Flowers from Victoria.***

Once you get to Windhym Flowerpit.

You: Hi, Victoria. Skylar asked me to--

Victoria: Shut up! Wanna see something cute?

You: Sure, but I was wondering if--


***3V3 TEAM FIGHT***

Found Items: 1x Blue Flowers

Victoria: Hee hee! That was fun! What were you gonna ask?

You: Skylar wanted a bouquet of wildflowers for his mom, and he said you might have one.

Victoria: Sure! Nomdy loves to eat flowers, so I always have some.

Victoria: Have you see Skylar's mom lately? She's, um, a piece of work.

You: I'm not sure I know what you mean. It's been a long time since I've seen her.

Victoria: Uh, bye then! Tell Skylar he smells like old milk!

*** Quest: Get Flowers From Victoria Completed ***

Skylar: What's taking you so long? You're as useless as you look!

You: I got the wildflowers from Victoria. So, how about that Moga you promised me?

Skylar: You're not done yet, chump! You think I'd just give momsie some stupid flowers? What am I, a jerk?

You: Yes.

Skylar: Rrrrgh! Don't twist my words! If you want that Moga, you'll need to get a better present.

Skylar: Make Poe write her a poem! A good one, with no skeletons and ravens and stuff!

***You will then get the quest Talk to Poe.***

Once you get to Heavenly Greens Cemetery.

Poe: Hello, tamer. What brings you to my blighted neck of the woods?

*** Quest: Talk to Poe Completed ***

You: Poe, I have a small favor to ask-- I need a poem to give Skylar's mom for Mother's Day. 

Poe: Skylar's mom? I know her well. Indeed, forsooth, she is a--what rhymes with "well"? "Smell? "Banana"? The spark of poesy has fled my quill!

Poe: It's been this way for days. Some fiendish creatures have been disturbing my beloved Lenore's slumber, and since then I've been unable to write. I'm afraid I'm useless to you.

You: What is I help you out? I'm pretty good at handling fiendish creatures.

Poe: That would be phenomenal! The foul beats are holed up at The Rue Morgue.

***You will then get the quest Beat those meddlesome Mogas.***

Once you go to Rue Morgue and defeat the 3 Mogas there. 

Poe: Knowing that those devils won't be pestering my dear Lenore anymore has put my worries to rest. Thank you, tamer. 

Poe: I can feel the fire of poesy returning to my loins. My pen is ready to create! 

Poe: Skylar's mom, I know her well, she is, perforce, a lovely--belle! She's a belle! Hot cross buns, my gift has returned. 

Poe: O, Skylar's Mom! How thine boozy charms dost-- 

You: Say, how about you just write it down and I'll give it to her? 

Poe: Ah, of course! Why waste my precious words on the wind when she's not even here to witness my genius? I'll write it down!

*** Quest: Beat those meddlesome Mogas Completed ***

Skylar: You got the poem? And the flowers? It's about time! Thanks, chumpster, I'm outta here. 

You: Not so fast, Skylar! We had a deal. Where's the Moga? 

Skylar: Guhhhhhhhhhhh, what's your deal?! You act like I would try to weasel out of this. 

You: Exactly

Skylar: OK, OK, sheesh. I saw a Faust hanging around Trollworthy Bridge. Maybe with some luck you can catch it. But I hope you don't! HRORORORO!

***You will then get the quest Capture Faust***

 Once you complete the quest Capture Faust.

Skylar: You capture that Faust? Aw, fizzlesticks, I wanted it! I was going to catch it as soon as I was done hanging with my moms.

Skylar: Oh well. You got a nifty Moga, but I have the best momsie in the whole world! And she loves me the most!

Skylar's Mom: Oh, why hello there! I haven't seen you in ages. Just look at you--so very fine and wonderful! And such an accomplished Moga tamer!

Skylar's Mom: Maybe you could help Skylar tame some Mogas? He's trying so hard, but what with his prescription underwear that constant changing, he's just not very good at it.

Skylar's Mom: Don't be a stranger, now! You can come by my place and listen to records with me any time you want. I can teach you how to do the foxtrot!

A Picture of Skylar's Mom can be found HERE!!!


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