This muscular dragon is slow, but powerful, reticent to befriend humans but loath to leave it tamer.

Sign: Aquarius 
Class: Striker
Attack: 4.5 
Defense: 2.5 
Rarity: Epic 
Location: Could be bought for Moga cash from June 24th - June 29th 2011


Physical Attack: Punch
Upgraded Physical Attack: Uppercut

Z-Attack: Chariot of Fire
Upgraded Z-Attack:

Special Ability: Healing Shield

Random Ability:


Anonymous said...

Can it be caught?? I loves this moga but sadly i'm not able to buy it as i just play a few weeks ago only :'(

Anonymous said...

man he is not striker he is balanced he is one of the best defender

Anonymous said...

Well, this is interesting. I caught this mooga, but it is the "azurel" text on it.

Ipad app.

Anonymous said...

Eats speggetie and spits it out wen sees how epic it is WOW*gets anime eyes and throws a pile of star seeds many I shoud throws flaming seeds

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