Information On The New Update/ Event

A Guide to Your Monster Galaxy Adventure

Hello, Poke-, I mean Moga Tamers. Welcome to the walkthrough of Monster Galaxy. I’m your guide, Raiten Ka.

This guide is served as a purpose to guide new Moga Tamers to the world of Monster Galaxy as well as helping giving tips and information to those in need.

If there’s an information I’ve forgotten to add or there’s an update I haven’t heard, please PM me by strolling your mouse over to the arrow underneath my name and click “Private Message.”

Latest Update:The developers made an alert warning about lost data, along with some of the data being screwed up. Don't panic or be mad. The developers are fixing the problems at the moment. They will get your Mogas back, along with 30 Moga Cash.

*- Clean out your Starseed Baskets, it looks like the Free Gift feature is coming closer than we thought. Despite that we can only receive 5 Starseeds per day, we can send gift unlimitless. Not to mention, there is a hint about Evolution Potion in the free gift too. Can it be related to the evolution feature meatless was talking about?

*-Fourth of July event is starting. Go catch those Moga. 8D

*- Need some help to fight your battle? Well, now you can summon a Special Moga, depending on the Moga Cash, at the Sky Cat Shop. They can be only summon for 15 battles.

*- Monster Galaxy is giving us a new preview of a Moga that may hints about the feature meatless has stated before. Can it be a fusion feature or an evolution feature. You decide what Moga's form is.

*- Monster Galaxy developer, meatless, has given us hints about the upcoming features for the Monster Galaxy. More information can be found here.

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