The origins of this robotic dog are a mystery; perhaps it came form the dark side of the moon.

Zodiac: Leo
Class: Tank
Attack: 2
Defense: 4
Rarity: Super Rare
Location: Not Available To Purchase.


Physical Attack: Punch
Upgraded Physical Attack: Uppercut

Zodiac Attack: Bad Dog
Upgraded Zodiac Attack:

Special Ability: Disease

Other Ability: Confuse


Sam said...

Where in the world do I get this o-0 it's friggin awesome!

Catherine McClain said...

It was only available for a brief period of time. I forget the event (it might have been one of the fourth of July ones or something), but I as I recall, it was some sort of give away thing that near anyone could get for free. It's not like normal mogas though. Unlike normal tank class mogas, you can only use the zodiac attack 5 times like a striker rather than the normal 15 zodiac attack count for tanks, and they still only deal the same amount of damage as a normal tank class zodiac attack. It's a cool moga, and it's nice to have, but it's not a normal tank class in that you you can attack the same number of times as a striker whilst only doing the same amount of damage as a tank.

Catherine McClain said...

Also, its zodiac attack has the characteristics of a Taurus.

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