Most Of The Recent Crash Has Been Fixed

Yesterday morning while rolling out our Neighbors feature something went seriously wrong and deleted the main database of player progress. We use various tracking mechanisms to monitor purchases, items and some other types of progress, and by working through the night a dedicated team of Moga developers was able to recover much of the data. In general, we had to go back to the data from June 30th and build from there, so everything before June 30th is definitely restored and much of the data from then until now has been saved as well. Plus, we’re giving players a bunch of stuff, so your game state may well be much better than it was before the crash.

We’re giving everyone 30 Moga Cash and putting Summons and Knine on sale to help you get going again. Summons—Dexter the fire-breathing dragon and Claus the healing cat—will be only 15 Moga Cash for a limited time. Knine is only 30 Moga Cash. We’re working on getting these sales in the game so if you don’t see them now, please check back later.

Here is a specific run-down of what was restored, what we lost and how we’ve tried to mitigate each state.

If your game was created before June 30th we restored your items, locations visited and quests completed to what they were on the night of July 6th. Any Mogas captured during that time were lost BUT we recently (early this morning) discovered a way to get them back. That script is being written now and will take a few hours to run. You’ll be missing Mogas now but they will appear sometime later.

If you spent Moga Cash during the last seven days you’ve had your Moga Cash refunded. Your balance will be whatever it was July 6th plus however much you spent since June 30th. You won’t have lost any money and will probably have been able to get a bunch of stuff effectively for free.

If you created your game after June 30th then your data was lost and you’ll have to start from scratch. Sorry, we just don’t have anything to work with.

However, if you started after June 30th and spent Moga Cash then we have some record of what you were doing (because the snapshots of funding are stored on a different database, not because we are trying to discriminate against players who don’t spend money). If you are in this category you’ll get three level 10 Mogas (the three starters in the zodiac sign you picked) plus a level 10 Huey and Gryph. You’ll also get your Moga Cash refunded like everyone else.

If you purchased Knine or Azure then we lost your Moga's specific data and have granted you a level 15 version of whichever Moga(s) you bought. We had to reset their names to Knine and Azure BUT we are working on a renaming potion and will be sure to give some away when those launch.

That’s it. Sorry for all the hassle. If you have a specific situation not addressed here then please contact customer service or write about it in the forums. I feel that this is a pretty good deal—most players will be getting a shot at premium items/Moga for the low price of not being able to play Monster Galaxy for one day. If you already bought Knine you’re getting a refund and can buy it at the reduced price and save your free Cash for another sale. Please let me know if you don’t think this is fair (in the forums, not by PM).


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