The Fassbender is strangely irresistible. Though toothy and rugged, it has a devoted following among its fans.

Sign: Scorpio
Class: Striker
Attack: 3.5
Defense: 1.5
Rarity: Rare
Location: Lighthouse Master Collection


Physical Attack: Headbutt
Upgraded Physical Attack: Headslam

Z-Attack: Open Wide
Upgraded Z-Attack: Seductive Smile

Special Attack: Weakness

Random Ability:


Anonymous said...

3 1/2 stars on attack 1 1/2 on defense at level ten it comes with headbutt 2 as physical sodiac is openwide 3 and special is weakness 3

Anonymous said...

upgraded z attack is called seductive smile and its a striker

Anonymous said...

and yet after couple days no one has updated this i would figure someone would jump straight for fassbender being a bad a shark

Anonymous said...

random ability is precision

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