Friends/ Neighbors Update

Today we're added a Neighbors feature to Monster Galaxy. You'll notice when Neighbors has gone live because none of your friends will show up anymore! Don't panic: there is an easy fix to this and in the long run it will be beneficial for all Moga tamers.

The first thing to do is add your friends playing Monster Galaxy as neighbors. Since this will be a temporary inconvenience, we're giving everyone 20 whistles. You'll see the Neighbor icon on the left side of the screen when you go to Home. Getting your whistles will also show you how to invite neighbors.

The neighbor invite screen will show you friends who are already playing Monster Galaxy in one box and those who aren't in another. That way you can know that the people you are inviting to be your neighbor are already playing the game-- this isn't some trick to get you to spam your aunt (unless she likes playing Monster Galaxy!). Of course, if you want to invite your friends who aren't playing yet, you can (and should!) do that.

Why are we doing this horrible thing to you? One reason is to cut down on friends with dead whistle trees showing up in your list. Instead of everyone you know who has ever installed the game, you'll only see people you want to play with. Neighbors makes it easier for us to implement good gifting systems that let you help your friends in non-spammy ways. Neighbors also makes it easier for new players to connect with their friends and know who they should send gifts and who will send gifts back.

TL;DR Basically, there will be a temporary inconvenience, which the whistles will hopefully alleviate, and then it will create a lot of benefits for you and your friends down the road.


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