Guess The Moga And Win Prizes!!!

Hey there Moga Rangers!

We’ve got a new contest just for you! Are you familiar with all the Moga? We’ll put you to the test! If you pass, you’ll be rewarded with some huge prizes! How do you like the sound of free Star Seeds and a free Moga?! Here's the break-down.

  • The name of our contest is Moga Zoom. We’ll post a picture of a Moga that we have zoomed in on and it is your job to guess which Moga it is.
  • Each day we’ll zoom out the picture slightly if no one has been able to guess the name of the Moga.
  • When someone has guessed the Moga correctly, they will win a prize! Then we will post a new Moga, so be sure to keep your eyes open!
  • You can only submit one guess a day (or you'll get disqualified)!
  • If there are multiple correct entries then we'll collect all the correct entries and randomly select one winner.

Sounds pretty easy, right? We hope so!

How Do I Enter?
Entering is easy! Once you feel that you know the Moga has been posted then simply e-mail gaiacontests [at] gaiaonline [dot] com (reformat the address) with the following information.
  • The subject of the e-mail must contain the following: Moga Zoom Contest
  • The e-mail must contain your Gaia username.
  • The e-mail must also contain a link to the Facebook profile you use to play Monster Galaxy.
  • And finally, the e-mail must contain your guess!

5 Star Seeds
1 Double XP Potion
2 Evolution Potions
2 Fizzy Colas


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