How To Evolve Your Moga

Step 1: Go to the Team screen and pick a Moga that can evolve.

Step 2: Click the "Show Evolution" button, then pick which Mogas to use.

Step 3: Click "Evolve Now" to combine your Mogas into a new evolution.

Step 4: You'll need Evolution Potions to complete your evolution. You can get them as gifts from your

See The Moga Evolution Chart For More Information


Anonymous said...

thats a horrible should explain that each moga needs a certain number of 1)evolution potions as well as a [X] number of duplicate mogas to evolve a single moga.
IE. chiberus==>Charred Mongrel takes 4 chiberus and 4 evo potions while flam takes 5 flam and 3 evo potions to evolve. those arent even steps if your looking for help.

Anonymous said...

wtf?! i need multiple pots + multiple captured copies before i can get 1 evolved form?

screw this game!

Anonymous said...

i got 5 flams as it said and i have 5 potions why wont it evolve!!

Anonymous said...

how do you get evolution potions????

Anonymous said...

You can see the evolution chart on the left side to see how many mogas need for evolutioning ow many potionss need

Anonymous said...

Can mogas evolve in the game on iPod touch or iPhone?? I really need help I just started

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