Pueblonia Level 1 Prizes/Rewards

Location Level 1 Rewards
Titans Staircase 1x Star Seed
Electrotter Sound 1x 100 HP Potion
Fingerland Point 1x Fizzy Cola
Cape Fang 1x Star Seed
Portal o Ruins 1x 100 HP Potion
Otterdam 3x Whistle
Ottos House 1x Star Seed
Sinalta Plaza 1x 100 HP Potion
Sinalta Field 1x Fizzy Cola
Biting Coast 1x Star Seed
Sandshard Islet 1x 100 HP Potion
Surf City 3x Whistle
Sanctuary Isle 1x Star Seed
Talonsweep Point 1x 100 HP Potion
Citadel of Prophecy 1x Fizzy Cola
Citadel Entrance No Reward
Fatewater 1x 100 HP Potion
Evergreen Terraces 3x Whistle
Rogues Rendevzous 1x Star Seed
Sandsink 1x 250 HP Potion
Rude Dunes 1x Fizzy Cola
Sandtown 1x Star Seed
Lobster Tornado 1x 100 HP Potion
Pueblonia City Gates 3x Whistle
Great Bazaar 1x Star Seed
Super Bazaar 1x 250 HP Potion
Parapets of Dawn 1x Fizzy Cola
Princes Perch 1x Star Seed
Royal Battledome 1x 250 HP Potion
Dungeness Dock 3x Whistle
Swirly Dump 1x Star Seed
Reeking Flats 1x 100 HP Potion
Marshamarsha Marsh 1x Fizzy Cola
Saltspawn Pool 1x Star Seed
Ahabs Abyss 1x 100 HP Potion
Rankwallow 3x Whistle
Greensteps 1x Star Seed
Lapis Forest 1x 250 HP Potion
Adventure Island 1x Fizzy Cola
Lazuli Grove 1x Star Seed
Cerulean Pond 1x 100 HP Potion
Old Dusty Trail 3x Whistle
Mussel Shoals 1x Star Seed
Jade Copse 1x 250 HP Potion
Green Mile 1x Fizzy Cola
Cortex Shell 1x Star Seed


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