PvP Has Just Arrived On Monster Galaxy! Battle Your Friends For Double Exp!!

This is no ordinary fight... this is a TAMER DUEL. You choose your Mogas, pick a friend, and have at it!

To start fighting with your friends, head HOME first. Point your mouse over the friend you want to fight, and click "Fight." Be ready for instant action, because there will be no turning back.

PvP is as real as it gets. You can't run, and you can't call for help... so you had better train HARD and bring your best Mogas. As the old Moga Tamer wisdom goes, "You don't bring Goatsabee to a Valgore fight"

Well what did you expect to happen? There's nothing wrong with being bested by the best. Your friend earned that victory, and he deserves to be congratulated. If you're going carry on with all this challenge and fighting, you'd better come prepared.

You earn DOUBLE XP for fighting your friends! Prove you're the best, and get better in the process - it's the best new way to enjoy Monster Galaxy.

Be sure to tell your friends how great you are. Nothing makes the shame of defeat sting quite as much as public humiliation. They're going to need the free HP potion, and you're going to need to gloat.


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