Sunshire Level 3 Prizes/Rewards

Location Level 3 Rewards
West Summer Road 1x West Summer Road Master Card
East Summer Road 1x East Summer Road Master Card
Warmwood Trail 1x Warmwood Trail Master Card
Summer Field 1x Summer Field Master Card
Shadowmire Edge 1x Shadowmire Edge Master Card
Miasma Depths 1x Miasma Depths Master Card
Mega Hole 1x Mega Hole Master Card
Shadowmire Bulwark 1x Shadowmire Bulwark Master Card
Darkwood 1x Darkwood Master Card
Mourningwood Pass 1x Mourningwood Pass Master Card
Oakford Shade 1x Oakford Shade Master Card
Darkwood Vault 1x Darkwood Vault Trophy
Spiral Cave 1x Spiral Cave Master Card
Sandswirl Beach 1x Sandswirl Beach Master Card
Mangrove Shallows 1x Mangrove Shallows Master Card
Shellstone Beachfront 1x Shellstone Beachfront Master Card
Shellstone Lighthouse 1x Shellstone Lighthouse Master Card
Bushfall 1x Bushfall Master Card
Swirly Dock 1x Swirly Dock Master Card
Swirly Pier 1x Swirly Pier Master Card
Sandswirl Shrubwalk 1x Sandswirl Shrubwalk Master Card
Sandswirl Point 1x Sandswirl Point Master Card
Sandswirl Peninsula 1x Sandswirl Peninsula Master Card
Sandswirl Tidal Pool 1x Sandswirl Tidal Pool Master Card
Spiral Path 1x Spiral Path Master Card
Spiral Road 1x Spiral Road Master Card
Northside 1x Northside Master Card
Heavenly Greens Gate 1x Heavenly Greens Gate Master Card
Heavenly Greens Steps 1x Heavenly Greens Steps Master Card
Heavenly Greens Cemetery* 1x Heavenly Greens Cemetery Master Card
The Rue Morgue 1x The Rue Morgue Master Card
Cydonia Castle 1x Cydonia Castle Master Card
Thornwood 1x Thornwood Master Card
Trollworthy Bridge 1x Trollworthy Bridge Master Card
Windhym Roadway 1x Windhym Roadway Master Card
Windhym Flower Path 1x Windhym Flower Path Master Card
Windhym Gardens 1x Windhym Gardens Master Card
Windhym Flowerpit 1x Windhym Flowerpit Master Card
Gates of Windhym 1x Gates of Windhym Master Card
Windhym Town Square 1x Windhym Town Square Master Card
Gertrudes House 1x Gertrudes House Master Card
Windhym Southshire 1x Windhym Southshire Master Card
Southshire Bridge 1x Southshire Bridge Master Card
MadBeetch River 1x MadBeetch River Master Card
MadBeetch Rapids 1x MadBeetch Rapids Master Card
Lombards Rafting Inc 1x Lombards Rafting inc Master Card


Camui said...

The Darkwood Level 3 reward is not a card. It's the Darkwood Vault Trophy 1x.

MGDB said...

Okay thanks

Camui said...

You're welcome (:

Anonymous said...

how many monsters do you have to kill to get the lvl 3 reward?

MGDB said...

I think you have to kill 40 mogas to get from level 2 to level 3.

Hawk said...

Mega Hole reward is not a card but Mega Hole Trophy 1x

indonesiantamer said...

Darkwood Vault
Swirly Dock
Windhym Gates
Cydonia Castle
Ahab's Abyss
Green Mile

mike007 said...

whats the point in having these trophies? Do you get anything if you have them? Or do they just stand at your home as a decoration?

Anonymous said...

trophies stand at decos at your houses(i have cydonia castle trophy) and they look so cool..

Anonymous said...

Can ALL of the rewards be listed for each area? It seems kind of pointless to list only one set when there's 3 rewards per area. This list is very incomplete >.> I came here looking for the first reward of the Eastern Summer Road as I'm making my own list as I go but I can't remember that one. Turns out NO ONE has a complete list anywhere. Good grief!

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