Tambo Not Yet Released.

Sign: Aquarius
Rarity: Uncommon
Location: Evolves From Tama.


Physical Attack:
Upgraded Physical Attack:

Upgraded Z-Attack:

Special Attack:

Random Ability:


Anonymous said...

Tama does not evolve to Tambo. It is an Aquarius moga that you get once you complete the cadet card series.

Anonymous said...

ummmm....I just caught Tama....had nothing to do with the cards at all

Anonymous said...

how come tama is legendary and this shows nothing right tambo is uncoomon and supposed to be out of a card collection

Anonymous said...

u know, is starting to anoy me that they'r releasing evolutions for mogas that u can only get once unless u buy them, the prob is that if they were to release them as catchable in wild form pep would be anoyed that their time to master some nodes would've been wasted, sigh, if they at least released evos for the ones in signs collections like gnarknight, martini, sandsburrow and bamf(wich would theorically be a legendary)maybe it wouldn't be as frustrating(if much, the idea of losing that many lvls since they all come lvl 10)

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