Absorbing the power of the Nebugon, Unigon embodies the force of the cosmos in an even more threatening form.

Sign: Scorpio
Class: Balanced
Attack: 3
Defense: 3
Rarity: Super Rare
Location: Evolves From Nebugon.


Physical Attack:
Upgraded Physical Attack:

Upgraded Z-Attack:

Special Attack:

Random Ability:


Anonymous said...

i just evolved my neubigons into unigon

Marceline said...

What is it's Physical Attack,Upgraded Physical Attack,Z-Attack,Upgraded Z-Attack,Special Attack and Random Ability or no Random Ability?!!!
tell me

Anonymous said...

Physical Attack:Kick
Upgrade Physical Attack:Roundhouse
Z-Attack:Cosmic Crusher
Upgrade Z-Attack:
Special Attack:Deadeye
Random Ability:

mac tavish said...

originally, unigon is legendary,not super rare, Iforgot to tell you years ago, also,his upgraded zodiac attack is event horizon and his random ability is life tap, trust me, this is a moga which worth to be evolved, it showed no mercy to its opponents

Anonymous said...

Unigon, eh? Nice touch. Thought nebulous looked like a horned dragon. I guess I chose my Mogadishu right. Too bad you can't choose 3. I really wanted Faust as well, it's evolved Gocon is precious to own

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