Ariadne is an arachnid with jagged legs, pincers, and a nasty stinger. The women's visage on its head is actually a trick to draw unsuspecting victims in.

Sign: Aries
Class: Striker
Attack: 5
Defense: 3
Rarity: Legendary
Location: Evolves from Orbz.


Physical Attack: Kick
Upgraded Physical Attack: Roundhouse

Upgraded Z-Attack: Riding Spinners

Special Attack: Confuse

Random Ability: Poison Trap


Anonymous said...

absolutly awful, not very good in attack and awful in defense

Anonymous said...

how this is in the top 15 attackers is beyond me its terrible

Anonymous said...

FOOlS!ariadne the best attacker!fuck!

Anonymous said...

Fuch this moga's very weak
it should be beginner not legendary
atack 0.5/5
def -1000/5
sooo crazy

Anonymous said...

its attack 0 and defend -100000000

Anonymous said...

with a month ago i would say that Ariadne is a weak moga but today something has this moga demonstrate me that is No.1 in top 15 Strikers;)

akk1011 said...

superb moga with great attack and fight till the ends .
great attacker at higher level .
very dangerous when he reaches 30 to 40 level

Anonymous said...

fuck yall if you sons a bitches thinks orbz is mother fucker fuck yall orbz rules mother fuckers

Mases said...

I got my Ariadne at lvl 23 when I evoled her from orbz, she was then my most powerful moga and now at lvl 30 she is still undefeated at the arena! I have won every match since then and even defeated all three oponents with her.

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