This brilliant beast shines with its purple diamond scales and wings. Crystagon draws its energy from the crystals that grow all over its body, making it a dangerous foe when fully charged.

Sign: Leo
Class: Tank
Attack: 3
Defense: 5
Rarity: Legendary
Location: Evolves from Zeit.


Physical Attack: Kick
Upgraded Physical Attack: Roundhouse

Upgraded Z-Attack: Fourth Dimension

Special Attack: Poison Trap

Random Ability: Stoneskin


Anonymous said...

yo tengo los 4 zeit D: pero por un error en navidad no me deja evolucionarlo...

Jasmine said...

I am training a crystagon :) i name it Amethyst

Kira Yamato said...

Me too,my crystagon name is Black Guardian

Anonymous said...

Is it worth evolving a zeit into a crystagon? I got two lvl 30 zeits now but when i saw that crystagon was a tank i began doubting it's effectiveness, but which one is the more powerful one according to you?

Anonymous said...

I think its worth cuz a crystagon is one of the top 15 defensive mogas on the list

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