Rock Lobster

This giant molten lizard got its name from having powerful claws and a vice-like grip.

Zodiac: Virgo
Class: Striker
Attack: 5
Defense: 3
Rarity: Legendary
Location: Evolves From Pluksop.


Physical Attack: Bodyslam
Upgraded Physical Attack: Piledriver

Upgraded Z-Attack: Double Vision

Special Ability: Regenerate

Other Ability: Vampire Embrace


Anonymous said...

It is very good but it has a mistake his sign puts virginity but in his assault of the zodiac it puts pisces is troublesome when it touches x3 VS x3 xD

Anonymous said...

this moga can be describe in three words HARD TO KILL!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i am soo lucky i just evolved my pluksops like 5mins ago he is soo overpowered, you must go to portal 'o' ruins and stay there for ages i found 3 within like 20battles, i found 2 in a row lol

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