Tame Hanzo

Nova thinks you're ready to go after Hanzo. He's a wily ninja, so you'll probably only find him when he wants to find you.

Needed to Complete Quest: Capture Hanzo. Hanzo can be found anywhere when you have this quest, but it will be level 30, so you must use a level 27 or higher Moga to capture it.

Reward: 1x Double Exp Potion


Anonymous said...

how to get this quest? i already finished all 'citadel tower' quest and all quest in pueblonia. i have reached Cortex Shell as well. the only task i have now is the 'Black gold' quest. how come i didn't get 'tame hanzo' quest?

Anonymous said...

how to get this quest???

lelouch esmeralda said...

how to get this quest .... ?????

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