This ghastly bear has its own internal power source. Powerbear feeds on the wishes and dreams of children. Be sure to alert the authorities if you spot one near a school or playground.

Sign: Aquarius 
Class: Balanced
Attack: 3.5 
Defense: 3.5 
Rarity: Epic 
Location: Every Area During Halloween Event 2011


Physical Attack: Kick
Upgraded Physical Attack: Roundhouse
Upgraded Z-Attack: Sleep Screaming

Special Ability: Stoneskin

Other Ability: Cripple


Anonymous said...

Can you give guide to capture Epic and Legendary?
I can't capture one this MoGa,my Mantra get Killed... =(

Anonymous said...

Its first Z-attack is Nightmares Forever

Anonymous said...

Got this one already, it's neat

Anonymous said...

i completed the power bear quest but still i failed to find it can anyone tell me wat should i do

Anonymous said...

I found my powerbear in cape fang.
You should go and look after him there. :)

Anonymous said...

I caught Powerbear using only three seeds with 8%!!

Naoki_2534 said...

Found him on the Trollworthy Bridge but a critical came out so i killed him... :(

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