This pigeon/rat hybrid is suprisingly well-tempered and clean, almost angelic even…

Zodiac: Gemini
Class: Balanced
Attack: 3.5
Defense: 3.5
Rarity: Epic

(See Evolution Chart For More Information)


Physical Attack:
Upgraded Physical Attack: Uppercut

Z-Attack: Rat Snap
Upgraded Z-Attack:

Special Ability: Poison Trap

Other Ability: 


Anonymous said...

Where can I find him?

Anonymous said...

You can't. D=

Anonymous said...

you can find it after you defeat carnage and mercikiller in a mission

Anonymous said...

I must capture it =D

Anonymous said...

he is on misama dephts and sometimes at daydusk

joben said...

I finish the quest too but I can't find it

Anonymous said...

i cant capture him. wat percentage and amount of starseeds are needed

Anonymous said...

I caught it at at the second attempt. (9%)

Anonymous said...

Can i find a birdrodent or a waidio and where can i find both/one of them? some people say i can find them everywhere and the others say i cant.
pls help me

Anonymous said...

Where can you find birdrodent last Time I saw it was at Gemini island... But I don't remember where :(

Pls help

Anonymous said...

You might have da iPad edition. Or do you have computer edition. I has iPad edition but I can't find the birdrodent too.

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