How to Capture a Rainburn

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#1. Get the quest Catch a Rainburn (Once you have this quest, a Rainburn can appear at any location).

#2. Travel around Sunshire or Pueblonia until a Rainburn appears.

#3. Once the Rainburn appears, attack it with your Mogas. Make sure the Moga you use is the same level or a higher level than the Rainburn.  (If your moga's level is lower than that, you will not be able to capture it.)

#4. Attack the Rainburn until it is low on health (the lower the better), but Do Not kill it.

#5. Once it is low on health, use your Star Seeds to try and capture it.

#6. Pray that you catch it! (The rate of catching an Epic Moga such as a Rainburn is only 9%)

Note: Some players have caught a Rainburn with only 1 Star Seed, while others have used 50+ Star Seeds trying to catch one.

Good Luck And Don't Give Up!!! 

* This Event Ended April 11th, 2011 
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