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Ikki are skilled at navigating the spirit realm, a world just beyond the reach of the living.

Zodiac: Aquarius
Class: Balanced
Attack: 2
Defense: 2
Rarity: Uncommon
Location: Portal o Ruins, Otterdam, Sinalta Field, Biting Coast, Fatewater

  Ikki> Yuki

(See Evolution Chart For More Information)


Physical Attack: Kick
Upgraded Physical Attack: Roundhouse 

Z-Attack: Zephyr
Upgraded Z-Attack: Tornado

Special Ability: Vulnerability

Other Ability: 


Marceline said...

Ikki looks like Hakka

Proffesor Zarriff2 said...

i have 2 ikkis with a 100% record against them. one is level 5 (of course a starter!) and one more is level 18, caught yesterday.

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