Nomys' underdeveloped mollusk brains can only experience one emotion: an ecstatic combination of joy and childlike wonder.

Zodiac: Virgo
Rarity: Rare
Location: Windhym Gardens, Windhym Flower Path, Windhym Town Square, Windhym Southshire




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Anonymous said...

Despite it being a rare, I just cant seem to encounter it at all, though I do find a lot of Melodees which are SUPER-rare. O.o

Anonymous said...

i found it in blackgold

Archaeon said...

Blackglow not Blackgold

Flavio Lomeu said...

attack 1.5
defense 3.5

Anonymous said...

Even it has Precision, why Nomy is so weak? So unfair to that Rare Moga.

Anonymous said...

caught with 1 starseed

Anonymous said...

This guy was a pain when I battled Victoria..

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