A Tiano's skin channels the universe's energy into a prismatic armor that provides excellent protection from attacks.

Class: Tank
Attack: 2.5
Defense: 4.5
Rarity: Epic
Location: Rogues Rendevzous, Sandsink, Sandtown

Evolution: (See Evolution Chart For More Information)
Tiano > Igneon


Physical Attack: Bodyslam
Upgraded Physical Attack: Piledriver

Z-Attack: Tail Whip
Upgraded Z-Attack: Tail Scythe

Special Attack: Life Tap

Random Ability: Deadeye


Anonymous said...

fkin moga wasted 20 ss and still was unable to capture -.- at 9%

Anonymous said...

=.=''' lol

Anonymous said...

i bought 300mc for buy this tiano..
but i'm not buy it yet cause i still confusing..

hey dudes..
how much tianoz i need to evol into igneon?

Anonymous said...

u nid 5 tianoz

Anonymous said...

i have 5 igneons,6 shadowstrikes,4 zerks,2 valgores and
9 archaeons
i captured them within 5 years,playing 15 hours per day

Anonymous said...

I play Zodiac Islands on my iPhone and spent about 35 Starseeds to capture Tiano but doesn't seem to be worth spending that much on this moga.
Compare to other mogas, Tiano has very low health energy. Quite useless moga! What a dissapointment :(

yashustar said...

BUT with God's grace,i captured Tiano within 2 ss . one tip:take a team of a Saggitarius , Aquarius and Leo.and make sure that at least there is one striker moga (it is better if u carry 2 strikers , 1 tank)and change each moga when u cant capture it with one moga(make another moga come into battle by switching them) and try a limit of only 6 ss.if u dont get it one time ,dont worry! next time if u see it definetely u can capture it easily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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