Because of the Woolf's huge, gaping mouth, smaller Mogas sometimes survive its attack by leaping inside and hiding until the Woolf forgets about them.

Zodiac: Aries
Class: Striker
Attack: 4
Defense: 2
Rarity: Super Rare
Location: Quest in Spiral Cave. Other: Southshire Bridge, Spiral Path, Spiral Road, Northside, Heavenly Greens Gate, Daydusk, Lightless Bend


Physical Attack: Punch
Upgraded Physical Attack: Uppercut 

Z-Attack: Sonic Bark
Upgraded Z-Attack: Acoustic Growl

Special Ability: Poison Trap

Other Ability: Blind
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Alyssa said...

You can find them everywhere during the celestial festival quest:if you want the wool go shear some sheep, watch out for granmas sharp teeth

Marceline said...


Anonymous said...

now is evolving in Scenewolf

toni said...

i have zomwolf
the evolve of scenewolf

Christopher said...

Who doesn't have Zomwolf... so easy to get =.="

Anonymous said...

what does zomwolf Special Ability???

Anonymous said...

my friend, named kimmie azraei, have to fight a lot of Woolf. There are 60% of Kimmie's Woolf battle at Pueblonia. LOL!!!!!!!! Be careful!

denzo19 said...

They also exist on Cerulean Pond at Pueblonia, but they are like level 30 :3

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