The youngest member of the Wild Blades, Knives doesn't let its small size slow it down in combat.

Zodiac: Capricorn
Class: Balanced
Attack: 2.5
Defense: 2.5
Rarity: Epic
Location: Wild Blades Chance Item Event (Month of September 2011)

(See Evolution Chart For More Information)


Physical Attack: Punch
Upgraded Physical Attack: Uppercut

Zodiac Attack: Grumpy Claws
Upgraded Zodiac Attack:

Special Ability: Regenerate

Other Ability:


Anonymous said...

Knives is rare, not epic!

Anonymous said...

It's other ability is stoneskin

Anonymous said...

Link For Free Knives No Download one account get one only Link:

Marceline said...

I've got a free Knives and a Pigloo already on facebook,no thanks..Anoymous =>

Anonymous said...

knives is rare

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