Legend has it that each of the stars in the Scorpio constellation is one of these awe-inspiring celestial dragons.

Sign: Scorpio
Class: Striker
Attack: 5
Defense: 5
Rarity: Galactic
Location: Evolves From Basilisk, December 2011 Celestial Festival Chance Offer.

Cherubis > Basilisk > Archaeon
(See Evolution Chart For More Information)


Physical Attack: Bodyslam
Upgraded Physical Attack: Piledriver

Z-Attack: Falling Stars
Upgraded Z-Attack: 

Special Attack: Healing Shield

Other Ability: 


Anonymous said...

this is the most cool moga
I like it very much
But I can't buy it because I don't have any moga cash

Marceline said...

Me too Anonymous,I need it,my Zodiac is Scorpio.....

Anonymous said...

It is terrifying beauty.

Anonymous said...

me too!!!!!!

Archaeon said...

I want free moga cash on facebook NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

i have him dont get your hopes up he okay but not the best grave digger is the best galatic so far his noncritical zodic atack can go over a thousand and his critical is a whoping 2000 and over i know this because igot luck on the festival and gave me the frostfang that i needed to evlove him and i got archion on super spin. iv never seen another gravedigger online though?

Daniel Santos said...

in my team i have archaeon,mercykiller and soulcleaver said...

oh archaeon s nice n u monster galaxy owner please introduce 1 galactic moga that starts from letter B or K please m begging u please introduce one please remember:galactic moga please

Anonymous said...

non sense monster galaxy pvp arena fight s nt cmng correctly wen its ma turn wen i fight wit dat its turn s doubling wat shuld i do??

Miyuki Fudo said...

I have Archaeon!! Archaeon is the best!! you shouldn't underestimate him. his Special Attack is 'Attack shield' and his Z-Attack hidden effect is 'Blind' that is make him Super-Invisible! his physical attack can be over 1000+ and his Z-attack could reach over 3000+
Tame him till lvl 40+ and you'll see!! >:D

Anonymous said...

where to buy moga cash?

Anonymous said...

my electrootter did 3326 to a level 28 and he is only 32 lol

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