Sometimes mistaken for being part scorpion, Costrakhan is quick to correct such mistakes with excessive violence.

Sign: Cancer
Class: Balanced
Attack: 3
Defense: 3
Rarity: Super Rare
Location: Evolves into Costrakhan, July 2012 Claws of Rage Chance Offer.

Cratchet  > Costrakhan  > Coralanthus
(See Evolution Chart For More Information)


Physical Attack: Headbutt
Upgraded Physical Attack: Head Slam

Z-Attack: Hatching Claw
Upgraded Z-Attack: 

Special Attack: Stoneskin

Other Ability:


Anonymous said...

You might want to change the description on's supposed to be: "Cratchet hasn't quite aged enough to bloom into a fully raging dragon, but it does keep its parents up all night with constant whining.

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