It seems like Smok might be an immature dragon forever-- even after it evolves, it's still the cute-looking Flam.

Sign: Libra
Class: Balanced
Attack: 2.5
Defense: 2.5
Rarity: Rare
Location: From the Dead Heat Item in August 2011. Currently Unavailable.

Flam>Dead Heat>Valgore
(See Evolution Chart For More Information) 


Physical Attack: Punch
Upgraded Physical Attack: Uppercut

Z-Attack: Burning Burp
Upgraded Z-Attack:

Special Attack: Blind

Random Ability:


ankit said...

option of evolution doesn't comes on smoke.

Jojith.K.Antony said...

ya,... i didnt found it either :(

Anonymous said...

me too it realy sucks

Anonymous said...

ikr i want a valgore
they should fix it

Arcturas2515 said...

it's a beta so they should be able to fix it.

Anonymous said...

NOTE:In order for to have a Valgore you need a smok(but first you need to buy the new dead heat thing in the sky shop, (its unknown how many smoks is required fore evo poution in order to evolve smok into a flam)then you need 4 evo poutins to evolve it to a dead heat,and for valgore you need 10 evo poutions tada i hope it helped =)

Zachariah Phillips said...

you need six flams (five others) and the same goes for dead heat. I like it the best.... plus i only got one, so ill make due with it

Anonymous said...

Hey smok dont have evolution

Anonymous said...

u wll have to wait until nova tells u that there are new evolution's.3 mogas evolve every week.so u better wait until u get the notification\update in the quests tab at the top-left corner.whish this helps!!!!

cadeta said...

flam is my basic moga he started out a level one and now is level 13 i love the FLAM

Anonymous said...

hey! better catching more SMOk at MEGA HOLE! its easy to catch there me ive encounter them a hundred times!

Marceline said...

you can buy Flam in skyshop and evolve it to galatic

Anonymous said...

They have an evo for it, but its not flam :(, messed up

APista said...

but at the evolution of smok it tells that it will evolve to a kysebok.. than how do i get evolved it into a flam??

Anonymous said...

So...Flam and Smok arent twin brothers or sisters.

Anonymous said...

No. if you guys read and compare carefully, smok's evolutions are not the same evolutions as flam's. So a amok can't evolve into a flam or deadheat. Sorry. Wait for the event to come around again and maybe they'll rerelease it.


Anonymous said...

flam is super-cute and its obvious that smok cant evolve into a flam or dead heat. If you capture a smok either at mega hole or windhym gardens then take a look at the evolutions. Theres no comparison between these two dragons. smoks evolutions dont include flam in it, only...-
Smok >> Kysebok >> Koruzinu.

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