Dead Heat

Evolving from Flam, Dead Heat is the mature form of these fire dragons. They eat the equivalent of two cows every day, flame-broiled of course.

Sign: Aries
Class: Balanced
Attack: 3.5
Defense: 3.5
Rarity: Epic
Location: Evolves From Flam.

Flam>Dead Heat>Valgore
(See Evolution Chart For More Information) 


Physical Attack:
Upgraded Physical Attack: Roundhouse

Z-Attack: Over Baked
Upgraded Z-Attack: Too Crispy!

Special Ability: Confuse

Other Ability:


Anonymous said...

He's legendary now

Anonymous said...

Dead Heat is now Legendary

Anonymous said...

He's Legendary,not Epic.

DevilGuitar Guy said...

Dead Heat was epic at first but after zi released it turn to legendary

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